1. How and when do I get my results?

Results from your screening are sent electronically to your account within 7-10 business days of your screening.

2. Can I sign up for any screening or does it have to be my child’s school?

Screenings take place during the school day making it more convenient for parents. If you do not see your school listed or screening date has passed you can register at an alternative location. **Please contact us if you schedule outside the school your child attends so we may notify the school of your participation – Phone: 866-382-2319 or email your child’s name and reservation code to: information@mcorefoundation.org -On the day of your screening please sign in at the front as a visitor.

3. What do I do if there is an abnormality?

The results letter sent with your images will give you that information. If you or your child has an abnormality consult your primary doctor and a cardiologist.

4. How much does the screening cost?

The cost of the EKG and Echo screening is $79. Our adult wellness screenings are $115.

5. Is the screening covered by insurance?

No, the cost of these tests are not currently covered under insurance. You may use a flex spending​, HSA​ or wellness account to pay for your screening.

6. I do not see my child’s school listed, how do we bring a heart screening to our school?

Contact your school administration or athletic department and let them know about our screening programs. You can also contact our partnership development staff to assist you.

7. I do not remember my user name and password.

Go here: Forgot Password

8. Are these tests provided at my doctor’s office or sports physical?

EKG and Echo screenings are not typically provided with routine doctor’s visits or sports physicals.

9. How do I get a receipt?

Contact mCORE and we are happy to provide a receipt for screening services.
Email: information@mcorefoundation.org or call 866-382-2319

10. Does my child need re-screened if s/he was normal on the first screening? or what are the recommendations for frequency of screenings?

The American Heart Association recommends screenings two times during high school until the age of 25.


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